Intercultural Communication in Business (B2/C1)

TERMIN: 03.07.- 07.07.2023 im Bildungsverein Hannover

Although the ideas of how different tasks should be done often differ, we have to carry them out effectively to deliver results. Effective communication is not easy to achieve, unless we have a solid foundation of intercultural knowledge and dominate some techniques of intercultural communication. I would like to invite you to boost your intercultural communication .skills These are the seminar modules:

Developing a framework for our discussions definitions of culture and comments on the functions of cultural stereotypes

Useful tips and knowledge for your workplace

Take a look at indirect and direct communication styles, focusing on the most important tools in business communication:e-mails and telephoning (requests, complaints, unsatisfying responses), face-to-face communication (giving instructions: how to get others to do what you want), presentations (finding the right way to address your audience),smalltalk (building up a positive relationship).

Learn how to assess difficult situations and to react appropriately .

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